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Teeth Whitening in 30606

Stained teeth have a negative impact on your appearance and how others think of you. It’s unfortunate and not fair, but it’s true. Here at McRae Family Dental, we make it easy for you to change the color of your teeth so that you’ll be proud to show off your smile.

The procedure for teeth whitening depends on which method you choose. You can have our cosmetic dentist do it for you right here, or you can select our handy take-home option instead. Some people combine the two for the ultimate in effective and long lasting treatment. Either way, it all starts with a trip to our 30606 dental office. When having it done here, whitening solution is applied to your teeth, which then immediately goes to work breaking down stains. In about an hour, you’ll see a transformation from stained, discolored, and dull to white and bright. The treatment you do at home is similar in the sense that the whitening solution works the same way. Specially made whitening trays are designed at the dental lab from impressions taken at our 30606 dental office. You wear your trays at night for a prescribed amount of time and the trays release the proper amount of solution. Do this for several days or up to a couple of weeks depending on your needs. Our cosmetic dentist will guide you. It’s a more gradual result, but some of our patients prefer it that way. Whichever form of our whitening treatment you go with, you can expect that your new more brilliant looking teeth will stay that way for anywhere from a year up to several years, all based on how well you maintain the effects and how many habits you have that tend to cause teeth staining.

Please contact our 30606 dental office to schedule an appointment to get started on whiter teeth.

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