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If you want to prevent an unnecessary visit to the Athens dentist office because you have cavities, you should consistently follow your oral hygiene regimen. A good oral hygiene regimen is a necessary part of getting rid of dental plaque; which is the leading cause of tooth decay and cavities. Our experts at McRae Family Dental will teach you how to prevent plaque.

Dental plaque is the underlying cause of the development of oral health problems that would require a trip to the Athens dentist office to see our dentist at McRae Family Dental. It is a substance that you absolutely want to eliminate from your teeth as soon as you can. Dental plaque is not good for your oral health. It is a sticky substance that’s filled with a bacteria-filled film and it is constantly forming on your teeth. Dental plaque starts to develop when food particles mix with the saliva inside your mouth. It is very important to brush your teeth thoroughly after meals. Dental plaque leads to cavities when the when the acids from the plaque repeatedly attack your teeth after eating. With many, repetitive acid attacks, the tooth enamel tends to break down which causes tooth decay and cavities to form. If it isn’t removed, it will aggravate the gums which could lead to gum disease and unfortunately, it could eventually cause tooth-loss. Plaque will accumulate in the mouth and will continue to build up unless it removed by brushing it away. If it’s not brushed away quickly enough, it will harden into tartar, which is an even worse dental problem. With tartar in the teeth, it is more difficult to clean them. Also, tartar cannot be removed with regular teeth-brushing. When tartar is left on your teeth, it leads to tooth decay and cavities so it’s very important to eliminate it. However, it cannot be done through your oral hygiene regimen. The only way to do that is to get a professional dental teeth-cleaning by your professional hygienist.

To learn more about dental plaque, you should consult with our expert dentist at McRae Family Dental. Contact our Athens dentist office to book your appointment today.

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