Athens root canal

Athens Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Athens

Among the good reasons for getting prompt care for a toothache is that you can either avoid needing root canal therapy by doing so, or increase the chances of it being successful in the event there is no other viable treatment for your circumstances. At McRae Family Dental, we always strive to provide you with the simplest, most effective treatment that will provide you with the desired results.

An infected tooth is the most common reason for our Athens root canal, and the way this occurs is that bacteria finds a path inside your tooth due to a breach in the protective layers that ordinarily keep your pulp and nerve shielded. That might mean a cavity (and the larger it is, the greater the risk), an existing filling that has come loose or has fallen out, or a chip or crack in your tooth. The more time that passes between you first noticing a toothache and when you get treatment for it, the greater the likelihood that an infection will set in, and therefore the possibility of our Athens root canal being the appropriate treatment. Symptoms that can alert you are pain when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth, sensitivity to extremes of temperature, tooth discoloration, gum tenderness, and swelling. Our Athens root canal has a success rate of 90%, so you can be confident in the outcome. It is performed under local anesthesia for optimal comfort. The infected tissue is removed, the canals are cleaned, and then they are sealed. When the tooth has healed, you will then get a dental crown cemented to the top of it, restoring full size and function, along with normal appearance.

Don’t delay scheduling a prompt appointment with our office. Whether or not you need our Athens root canal, getting expert care will assure you of the best chances for a good result.

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